The Tusk publishes nuanced, complex, and often humorous essays about life and culture. We also sometimes publish fiction.

Here’s who’s in charge around here:

Nate Waggoner: editor-in-chief

Lizzy Acker: editor emeritus

Bridget Callahan: editor

Rosa Escandon: editor

Laurel Lathrop: editor

Savannah Camplin: assistant editor

Tom Batten: staff writer / King Wizard

Alicia Camden: staff writer / Love Guru

If you have an idea or want to write something for us, send your submission to thetuskblog@gmail.com. If we publish something by you, you are implicitly agreeing not to publish it anywhere else afterwards except an anthology or collection that credits us as original publisher.

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If you like what we do and want to show your appreciation monetarily, you can PayPal us:


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