The Tusk’s Thanksgiving Style, No Wait, Survival Guide

The holidays can be hard. Maybe it’s your family of Trump supporters, maybe they keep asking if you are famous in New York yet, maybe everyone’s wife keeps asking if you have a partner yet. Maybe you are stuck alone in New York this year because you didn’t have $500 to fly to Tampa. Maybe you have to go to your boyfriend’s parent’s house in New Jersey and no one likes you. Whatever it is, Thanksgiving can be a real downer. The Tusk is here to help get you through this weird pilgrim-loving-gluttony season like a champ. 


1) Oh, I have plans that night…

New York City tends to clear out fast around the holidays but for those left without a home to struggle back to or for those few real New Yorkers, you are going to want to have plans. Nothing is sadder than sitting at home after all your roommates have packed the overnight bag to Pennsylvania. Or the worst of both worlds, your family is in driving distance of New York. Escape the house with some great events all “Thanksgiving Week.”

Listen to Patti Harrison sing every song she has ever written and host comedy from her friends– a joyous way to welcome the season in song.

While everyone is Instagram-ing turkey, you can be seeing some real art. With rooms of immersive art, feel a part of something stimulating and expansive.

Dark. Sad. Traumatic. COMEDY. Hosted by Shane Torres. What screams holidays more? Comedy from Janeane Garofalo, Dulcé Sloan, Casey James Salengo and more.

See things you could never imagine buying in this exhibition that retraces the adventure of the House of Louis Vuitton from 1854 to the present, all right inside the historic stock exchange.

Watch a show the night before Thanksgiving and then get drunk at the bar afterwards. Stuffing is better hungover anyways. Plus this way you don’t have to go to your hometown bar and see all the people you hated from high school.

Don’t shop on Black Friday– instead, support live comedy. You won’t get trampled to death and you get to see amazing comedy from some of Brooklyn’s rising stars in a Queens institution.

It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and some Tusk favorites are going to present writing or stories or comedy or accounts of recent interactions with their parents. Plus there is karaoke after? Who could refuse one more bite?!


2) Get some “you” time:

There is a child screaming, that one auntie is loudly trading passive aggressive tips with her second husband, and you need some you time. Go to another room, take an hour:

Mike Abrusci hosts this laugh out loud podcast where comedians you should know talk about TV shows that Mike has never seen. Packed with jokes and asides, it the the perfect light de-stresser.

This zany web series just started season 2 so there is plenty to binge while hiding in your mother’s second floor bathroom. From comedians Justin Hartough and Ronnie Fleming, season 2 is sure to be just as hilarious as the first.

Reductress has a podcast and we aren’t talking about it enough. With big name talent, Mouth Time delivers great commentary and even better jokes.

Based on the popular The Toast column, this book lets you take a look at emails, texts, and DMs of friends over a year in a funny and fresh work of fiction.

3) Eat!

For all your cool friends-giving millennials, don’t bring a store-bought pie. No one wants your half sleeve of Oreos. Let’s actually cook something this year?



  • Literally the easiest pie ever


Happy Surviving.