NYC Comedy Roundup 11/3/2017

Pasic and Platt: Help11/3/17 at Ars Nova, 8 pm. $16. Mo Fry Pasic and Tim Platt are excellent, subtle actors as well as innovative comic minds. Both abilities are on display in their delightfully painful act, which evokes deluges of secondhand embarrassment for the characters.

Mid Riff 7! 11/3/17 at Precious Metal, 8:30. Free. The incredibly charming Alissa May Atkinson and Lauren Vino host a variety of standups, including LeClerc Andre and Bronwyn Isaac, in a great bar.

Bad Karma. 11/3/2017 at Karma Bar and Lounge, 8:30. Free. Irascible scamps Patrick Monahan and Eli Yudin host a variety of standups, including Robbie Goodwin and Selena Coppock, inside of a hookah bar.

Addams Family Values: Queer Horror Stories. 11/5/2017 at Tilt BK, 8 pm. Free. Highly-committed raconteur and producer Ryan Houlihan hosts a night of LGBTQ performers, including Patricia Theresa McCarthy and Louis Peitzman, telling entertaining real-life horror stories in a spooky dungeon basement of a bar that serves cheap drinks, in honor of the only acceptable Thanksgiving movie and the greatest film to ever be based on a New Yorker cartoon.

Clip Show Carnage. 11/13/2017 at Union Hall, 8 pm. $5 ahead of time / $8 door. Steve DeSiena and Steve Whalen are a couple of goofballs who love bad movies, and they want to share their favorite clips with you. Performances by Patti Harrison, Branson Reese, Tim Platt and more.

Ground Floor Live. 11/15/2017 at Brooklyn Arts Library, 7:30 pm. Free. The essential NYC comedy email blast presents an all-star lineup: Ana Fabrega, Catherine Cohen, Ike Ufomadu, Brad Howe and more. You don’t wanna miss this one!

Leftovers. 11/26/2017 at Tilt BK, 8 pm. Free. This website presents Mike Abrusci, Melissa Rocha and more greats doing bits or readings or really whatever they still have in the fridge after Thanksgiving. It’s a Wawa Gobbler of hilarity.

Invitation to Love Live11/29/2017 at QED Astoria, 7:30 pm. $5. Alicia Camden and Nate Waggoner are ex-lovers who have taken it upon themselves to give you, the audience, unqualified love advice with the help of Rosa Escandon, Alon Elian and more. Get your love life ready for cuffing season because things are not getting any better from here on out!