#SissythatTalk is International and Of Course it’s Going to Berlin

RuPaul has an international following and Berlin is one of the top destinations for any travel-lusty queer, so this week we’re bringing you, performer and comedian, Yannick Geske. We are talking all about this week’s RuPaul and Europe’s hottest drag scene.

We talk quite a lot about RuPaul and singing challenges and RuPaul contestants’ singing careers, so here are some of my pics for best post DragRace songs:

1) CLAT -New York Season 9 Girls

This is pretty much a gay (gayer?) version of Empire State of Mind. It’s so fun and instantly makes you love living in New York for at least about 4 minutes or until you open a ConEd bill.

2) Really most of Sharon Needles

If you wanted Panic! At the Disco to be gay (gayer?) most of her songs will get you into the pop punk state of mind that you thought you left in 2009.

3) Dance Again -Courtney Act

One of 2 Queens to also be on a version of American Idol (Australian Idol? Sure that sounds like a thing), Courtney has the voice. Though this song is really all about the beat and it’s fun and easy to dance to.

4) DTF -Adore Delano

The other American Idol sweetheart. Though this video won’t make you think of anything allowed on TV. Adore is honestly super talented.

5) Todrick Hall loves Drag Queens

He got famous enough to be a returning judge on RuPaul by making viral music, so it isn’t surprising that he has tons of Drag Queens in his new videos.

He also looks hot in drag. As a side note.

6) Toyland -Miss Fame’s super haunting version

While not the most haunting version of this Christmas classic (that honor goes to the third act of Tangerine,) it certainly is something to watch and honestly a good find for a very sexy holiday party.

While you are it,

7) Alaska, the OG

While she wasn’t the first to make music, but she was the first to make it bigger than just fans of the show. She made it possible for all these other queens. Come on.

8) Well, not the real real OG.

There is one who really made it all possible. But we have to go back to 1993. I had just been born and so was a star. Who honestly looks even better now.