#SissythatTalk: We need to Talk, You aren’t Watching Rupaul Right

Some episodes are just iconic

Hi all, it’s Rosa. You might have noticed that there is no SpareMin call this week. It’s because you all have some homework to do.

This realization came when I was talking to my roommate about what else, Dragrace. Honestly, I talk about it incessantly. If you knew me in real life, none of this would be cute or funny at all.

But, on topic, I was talking with my roommate and he said he had never seen Untucked. For the record, he is watching wrong. This is Season 9, we should all know to be watching Untucked.

What is “Untucked?” You may ask. Well, thank god I found you. This article is for you. Untucked is a behind the scenes weekly show that airs after (usually later in the night or the next day) and it is 30 minutes of pure nirvana.

Untucked has been around for 8 season (season 1 aka the lost season, unfortunately didn’t have a corresponding Untucked, though there was a wrap up show called, Under the Hood, though much like season 1 this has largely been forgotten).

Much like all the best reality TV competition shows, ANTM, Ink Master, the Bachelor, the best parts are just when the contestants are in the house talking to each other. It is best drama, usually the funny part, and when you really get to feel like the sad voyeur that we all are when we are watching reality TV anyways. Untucked is exactly this. Especially, because it is all shot behind the scenes of the elimination ceremony. It is as high stakes as this show can get.

The crazy thing, is it is super well produced and edited. At times almost better than the show. I used to wish, they just made Dragrace an hour and a half and just integrated it, but there is something better now about it being separate.

Each episode is 25 minutes of pure ecstasy.  But it is even more important for season 9, a season that sometimes feels more catered to the general public and not to it’s usual little queer universe. When Dragrace got picked up VH1, it became less accessible for it’s most loyal fans. You can no longer stream it online the next day, you can no longer binge it in countless reruns on Logo on your TV, and in a more spiritual sense it is no longer the Queer community’s (and the hags we love’s) little secret. It is the mainstream. Which isn’t bad, just different.

But in a way, Untucked is still ours. It is still super accessible. It is all available to watch online. On YouTube, for free, no less. It is made not by VH1 or even Logo, it is made by World of Wonder. It is queer as hell.

Well if this is all new to you, you have homework. Honestly, you should go back and watch this whole season of Untucked, But if you can’t, instead of listening this week, at least watch this: