New AMC Prestige Drama Creator Wants You To Know: This Ain’t TV, This is a Friggin’ Movie, Drawn Out Over 10 Episodes!

So intense. So real. SO drama.

By Cassandra Kyriazis

AMC’s new drama Bloody Cash World follows a merciless bounty hunter named Tip Kingle whose wife and daughter mysteriously disappeared ten years ago. Tip, a weathered-looking anti-hero, tries to solve the mystery of the death of his wife and daughter as he hunts fugitives on the loose in the backwoods of Mississippi.

It’s gritty, it’s confusing, and it’s ultimately not going to make any sense for the first nine episodes, and that’s why creator Damon Moula is so excited about it.

“I mean, look, Kingle’s got a past, and we don’t know what that past is, and that’s why we need ten episodes to explain it.”

When asked more specifically about the genre of the show, Moula and his co-creator William Hunter wanted to clarify that this is not television.

“This is not gross, lame, pathetic, trash TV. This is a movie. A prestige drama film. That lasts for ten hours. There are only three acts, but they’re stretched over ten hours in a very uneven way that might be hard for viewers to follow on a serial basis.”

Moula’s approach to the show was fairly eccentric, according to him. “I just kind of sat down, after a few dozen cups of yerba mate, and thought ‘What if we have a young Ray Liotta-type with a dark history, a questionable career, and a secret he’s gotta uncover?’ and then the ideas just started flowing.”

The lure of Tip Kingle is that he’s not a bad guy necessary, he’s just done some bad things. That’s how it goes in the world he inhabits — one ruled by blood and cash.

“We didn’t wanna dabble in the deep end of this world; we wanted to dive in full fuckin’ throttle. Charlie’s Angels 2-style. We needed ten hours to watch Tip have sex to drown his pain, hunt fugitives to drown his pain, shoot up to drown his pain, swim in cash to drown his pain. We needed to face his pain authentically, and give it the time it deserved.” Co-creator Hunter explained of the M-rated content that populates most of the show. This deep dive into pain is why the show boasts Tip having sex to completion with three separate prostitutes, despite the lack of narrative relevance of any of the three scenes.

And how about that sepia tone for the entire show? Moula and Hunter knew since they invented Tip that he was a sepia guy.

“Sepia was the only way to express this man’s absolute malaise with life — it’s a Memento thing, but more nuanced. Men who lose their wives just live in sepia, we knew that.”

Moula and Hunter are excited for Bloody Cash World’s premiere, and they hope that it gets on the radar of some the greats: Lindelof, Abrams, Lindelof & Abrams, and those dudes who made True Detective season 1, but definitely not season 2. Until then, they’re going to keep explaining to people that the prestige in their new show lives in the fact that it isn’t a show at all, but rather a very long, very convoluted movie.

“Are some episodes more important than others? I mean, yeah, episode 10 is the only one where anything makes even a semblance of sense, but Tip Kingle does some fucked up shit in episodes 1-9 that might trigger a very dark memory of yours or make you question why humans even bother with anything, so you won’t wanna miss that.”


At press time, Damon Moula & William Hunter were trying to figure out if their ten-hour movie qualified for consideration at the Academy Awards, or at least, like, SAG movie stuff.


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