#SissythatTalk Episode 4: I Ask my Boyfriend about Drag Queens

This week we are talking Rupaul’s Dragrace Season 9 episode 3 and I am joined, not by a superfan, but by a straight boy.

(sorry it’s in two parts, without spoiling it, it is at the worst possible time.)

Cards on the table, I am a bisexual and right now I’m dating a boy. A very straight boy. Arguably, the straightest boy I have ever dated; so I was excited to make him watch Dragrace with me. And even more excited to have his thoughts on the greatest (but also gayest) show ever made. But in his honor, this week, we are talking about boy looks. Meaning hottest queens, out of drag.

If you watch Untucked. They were also on the thirst train this week.

Warning this whole article is the splash zone.

1) PEARL….

Send my little angel Honey good vibes as she recovers from getting fixed???#veryneedy #thiscone #extra #poorbabe

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I actually saw Pearl out of Drag at Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns in Brooklyn a couple months back. She just came to watch and I was dead. This boy is so hot. It is distracting.

2) April Carrion

Snapchat just added an April Carrion filter, go & transform ursef into a real Puerto Rican puta.

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3) Miss Fame

When NY meets Paris @iamconstantin. #Paris #NYC #missfame #iamconstantin

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JUSTICE FOR FAME. I think we all need more Miss Fame.

4) Tammie Brown

Shave and a Home trim .. #freeorcas #standingrock #queenwithacause #freelolita see you all soon @rupaulsdragcon

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What a cutie from the past!?

5) Chi Chi Devayne

Hot this time of year in Louisiana.

6) Ivy Winters

All year round, a hunk.

7) Phi Phi O’Hara

@jaremicarey ^_^

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It pains me to say this. Because of her villainy. But she is hot as hell, in and out of drag. Like all the best mean girls.

8) Raja

We hiked to the #hollywood sign! I grew up in #LA this was my first time.

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HOW? If I look this good at 100, I will be amazed.

9) Lineysha Sparx


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Who are your pics for hottest boy looks? I will leave my boyfriend. That’s all I’m saying.