Questions Children Have Asked Me at School Visits: An Incomplete List

I have no idea what I'm doing.
I have no idea what I’m doing.

By Maggie Tokuda-Hall

You may notice that many of these are not, in fact, questions.

  1. How old are you?
  2. I have a dog.
  3. I have a dog, also.
  4. I have three dogs.
  5. What biomes have you visited?
  6. Did you know that octopuses have three hearts?
  7. Did you know that I already knew that octopuses have three hearts?
  8. Are you a writer?
  9. How many books have you written?
  10. What’s your sister’s name?
  11. What’s your sister’s dog’s name?
  12. How old is your sister?
  13. Why are there skunks in your sister’s backyard?
  14. One time, some kind of animal dug into our backyard, and my mom didn’t know what it was but I think it was a dog or a turtle.
  15. You’re pretty.
  16. I don’t think you’re that pretty.
  17. What’s your favorite book you’ve ever written? (Note: I have only written one book)
  18. Why did you write this book?
  19. Why didn’t you put any monkeys in this book?
  20. I’m going to write a book about monkeys.
  21. I think you should write a book about a talking banana.
  22. Are you a master writer?
  23. Why didn’t you draw the pictures?
  24. My dad works at Pixar.
  25. Do you like Pokemon?

Maggie Tokuda-Hall has an MFA in writing from University of San Francisco, and a tendency to spill things. She splits her time writing for kids and for adults and her debut children’s book, Also an Octopus, has been called “wickedly absurd” and “a perceptive how-to” that will “inspire kids to imagine a story of their own.” She’s the winningest writer of The Booksmith’s competitive erotic fan fiction contest, Shipwreck, and a contributor to the Loose Lips anthology.  You can follow her @emteehall, or on her podcast, Let’s Not Panic.